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Ocean City, MD

Dixie's Little Bit O' Beach

I made this necklace for my dear friend, Dixie (also an OC native).  It consists of an Ndebele tab, a tubular Ndebele sheath, a suede braid, and a scallop shell that I found on the beach at Ocean City.  The colors were inspired by the natural colors of the shell.








My nieces and nephews named this my "Crabby Patty" bead.  Hi Jack, Ashton, Megan, and Matthew!   The starfish between the claws is millefiore I made by hand.













Here I am teaching a new lampwork student during a demonstration  at Assateague Island State Park campground.






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Do I look familiar to you? Many people tell me I do.  My day job is in the computer services department at Wor-Wic Community College in Salisbury, MD.  I've been in a few of their advertising campaigns over the last 17 years since I've been there.  It's a wonderful college where we really do care about our students.


Why "OC Brat"? 

I grew up in Ocean City, Maryland.  I LOVE the ocean!  I even got married at the beach.  But I digress...

I was in sixth grade, a timid, scrawny redhead, just starting in middle school.  A new friend I just met asked me where I went to elementary school, because she didn't remember seeing me before.  I told her I went to Ocean City Elementary School. 

"Oh", she said, "you're an Ocean City Brat."

Brat?  Brat!?!  I wasn't a brat!  I was sweet and loving.  How dare she call me a brat?  She didn't even know me!

Now, I embrace the name!

What do I do?

I make glass beads using a torch (it's called lampworking, kind of like blowing glass).  Fire and glass, cool!  I also create jewelry using my beads, other beads, bits of nature, and various methods like macramé (hemp), bead weaving, and wire-wrapping.

And I teach.

Want to learn how to lampwork?  How about a personalized demonstration for your group?  Email me for prices and availability. 

I also teach classes in macramé, right angle weaving, peyote stitch, and various other jewelry making skills.  If you see something on my site you'd like to learn how to make, email me about that too.

Want to buy some of my work?  Check out my shop page.  True click and pay will be here soon, but until then, send me an email.  Do you need a special size that's hard to find?  How about a specific color combination?  I make custom jewelry and beads, too.  I've even made custom ordered wire wrap and lampwork frogs for apparel.  Just email me, and I'll see what I can do for you.

I work very closely with Bead Creation Station in West Ocean City, MD (formerly Bead Lady's Kharma of Salisbury, MD). Vicki's the bestest!


Mid-Atlantic Glass Beadmakers

International Society of Glass Beadmakers

Worcester County Arts Council

I had to write a bio for an event for which I was one of the featured artists.  Here it is:

Artist Biography

Joy Davidson is a native of Ocean City, Maryland.  She attended Stephen Decatur High School in Berlin, MD Salisbury State College and Wor-Wic Community College in Salisbury, MD, and University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, AL.  Armed with a degree in computer technology, she had the skills needed to support her growing family.  Now that the children are out of the house, she has much more time to devote to her first love, arts and crafts. 

In 2002, Joy became interested in making jewelry, believing a gift from the heart and hands is more personal than something machine-made.  From there, Joy expanded her talents to hemp macramé, beadweaving, and wire-wrapping.  In early 2003, Joy took her first lesson in lampwork bead making from Vicki Todd at The Bead Lady’s Kharma in Salisbury, MD.  She has also studied under Charlie Mohr,  Marilyn Nugent, Jillian Moliettiere, Dennis Briening, and internationally renowned glass artist, Kate Fowle-Meleney.

Her passion for the flame has taken alight and she is best known for her sculptural beads of sea life, insects, and others. 

Joy teaches lampworking and jewelry making from her home, at the Bead Creation Station, or at your home.  She has participated in lampwork demonstrations at Assateague Island State Park, retirement communities, and other venues on the shore. You can purchase her artistic pieces from her business “OC Brat Designs” at www.ocbratdesigns.com, or from Bead Creation Station in W. Ocean City at Trader Lee’s Village, on the corner of Rt. 50 & Stephen Decatur Highway (Rt. 611).




I am a Self Representing Artist, meaning I sell only my own work, or work made by my family.  The beads for sale on this site are neither mass produced nor imported.  My beads are fully kiln annealed and thoroughly cleaned.

To find out more about Self Representing Artists, please click on the logo above, or here.











Contact information:

Joy Davidson

P.O. Box 5265

Ocean City, MD 21843