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OC Brat Designs

  It's not just a bead; it's an adventure!

Got Glass?  Got Fire? 

Got Beads!

Joy Davidson/OC Brat Designs
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Jewelry, Beads and pictures are sole property of OC Brat Designs and not intended for general use without my written permission.  If you would like to use one of my pictures please contact me for permission.  Please do not copy my designs but feel free to use them as inspirations and change them to make them your own.

Joy Davidson/OC Brat Designs
Copyright © 2006 by Oc Brat Designs. All rights reserved.
Revised: 05/14/07 08:29:39 -0700.


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5/10/07: I'm excited!  My Celadon Implosion Flower Pendant raised $100 for the  Relay for Life Silent Auction at Wor-Wic Community College to benefit the American Cancer Society!  Here is a picture of it to the left.  I made it with Messy Colors Celadon and Leaky Ink for the petals of the focal.  I created the stamen from Moretti yellow filigrano, and used Lauscha dense black and ASK Mediterranean Olive glass encased in Lauscha clear. It's difficult to see in the picture, but the background is a mixture of Double Helix colors, Gaia, Kronos II and Elektra.  It's much more stunning in person.

Our last MEET & GREET was SUNDAY, MARCH 25, 2007.  Quite a few people attended and everyone learned about reactive colors.  To check out some Meet & Greet pictures   Click here for more details.

1/31/07: My bead won "runner up" in the Lauscha Color of the Month Club game.  Check out the blog here.  Check out my bead here. The Fish-on-Fish© design is my own creation. back to our regularly scheduled program...

When I was a kid, my Mom called me "pyromaniac".  I didn't set fires, just loved to light matches and watch candles flicker.  Didn't you?

Now I'm an adult, and what could be more fun than playing with big fire?  I'm talking 2000° and above!  Melting glass in that fire, that's what!  Did you know glass is a liquid?  Did you know if you put certain color glass together, you can get weird and sometimes unexpected reactions?  How awesome, I get to dabble in science and art all at the same time!

AND...I get to be BOSS!  Hey, I'm a redhead...I'm allowed!

I also make pendants, marbles and small sculptures.  I NEED to get a new camera so I can take  pictures of my borosilicate lovelies!

Of course I can't forget, I make jewelry too.  That's what started this whole glass obsession.  I started with macramé, aka "Hemp", then on to bead weaving, stringing, wire-wrapping, and Chinese Knotting.  What's next?  PMC? Metal work? Fusing?  You betcha!

Hi, I'm Joy.  Joy Davidson.  I sell my beads and jewelry, I teach, I do demonstrations, and I don't mind talking up a blue streak from time to time. (Those of you who knew me in high school will have a hard time with THAT one!)  My friends call me Reds, the Little Red Headed Girl, Ocean City Brat, Red-headed Floozie (hi T!), whatever.  Gee...I wonder what my enemies call me?  hmmmm

Have a peek (and a poke) around, see what you like!

Remember.... it's not just a bead it's an adventure!

Don't forget to get all your beading supplies from my bestest bead goddess buddy Vicki at Bead Creation Station