OC Brat Designs Bead Gallery

This page holds my most recent work with borosilicate and soft glass. (Click any image to see a larger view.)


Tiger Lily Bead

This flower is actually a bead with the hole running behind the flower.

Silver Wrapped Focal Pendant

Large Lentil Floral in tans, ivories, and blacks wrapped in SS wire

Spree shaped floral beads

Goddess Bead

Purple, Teal, Opal Yellow Twistie Focal

Ocean Critters

Crabs, starfish and octopi on turquoise stone-like tabs


This one was Runner Up in the Lauscha Color of the Month Club Game 1/2007

Blutonium and Orange Fish

SuperNova Freeform Bead

Mushroom Pendant

Borosilicate glass

Striped Turtle

Silver Fumed Star Pendant

borosilicate glass

Gray Star Pendant

Aquarium Bead Bracelet & Earrings

Olympian Rain Heart

Gaia Heart