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Do you want to learn how to make glass beads?  Maybe update your skills?Here's a list of my lampwork classes.  You may mix & match skills to design your own class.  Email me or call for questions or to schedule a class.

Class 1 (3 hours):


       nature of glass






       annealing beads

       round beads

       tube beads

       pulling stringer

       simple latticino

       stringer adornment

       raked stringer


       raked dots


Class 2 (1 hour):

       cased stringer

       encasing spiral, lateral, spot


Class 3 (3 hours):

       raised flowers

       poked dots

       swirled dots

       feathering, raking

       dot distortion effects

       dot/stringer distortion

       complex dot placement

       masking, layering  



Class 10 (2 hours):

       making millefiori

      applying  millefiori

       spot encasing


Class 11 (1 hour):

       Using presses


Class 12 (3 hours):

       Landscape Beads


Class 13 (3 hours):

       Aquarium Beads


Class 14 (3 hours):

       applying frits

       applying enamels

       applying dichroic glass

       add $15 kit fee


Class 15 (3 hours):

       Sculptural beads (hearts, fish, turtles, seashell, etc.)


Class 16 (1 hour):

       Mixing colors


Class 17 (2 hours):

       Color reactions

       Ivory, Turquoise, Coral, Violet, Purple (EDP), Opal Yellow (Moretti and Vetrofond)

       Add $15 kit fee





Class 4 (2 hours):

       bicone beads

       cube beads

       tab beads

       really round bead (disk style)

       Cut beads (flower style)


Class 5 (1 hour):

       Tribal beads

       Stringer control


Class 6 (3 hours):

       encased flowers

       making stamen cane

       making vine/leaf cane


Class 7 (1 hour per animal):

       Sculptural animal on bead (crab, turtle, starfish, etc.)

       Applying frit



Class 8 (1 hour):

       Making & Applying Frit


Class 9 (3 hours):

       ribbon cane

       complex latticino

       encased ribbon cane

       inside out cane (cut)

       apply latticino to bead

       raking, twisting




Class 18 (2 hours):

       Applying leaf & foils

       Silvered Ivory Stringer

       Applying silver & copper wire

       add $20 kit fee


Class 19 (2 hours):

       Hollow beads


Class 20 (3 hours):

       Advanced color reactions




       Double Helix glasses

       Kugler 215 gold

       Pulling Aventurine stringer

       Lauscha clear

       Add $25 kit fee


Class 21 (2 hours):

       Fuming with Silver

       Fuming with Gold

       Add $20 kit fee


       Class 22 (3 hours):

       Borosilicate marbles


       Class 23 (3 hours):

       Borosilicate pendants


       Class 24 (3 hours):

       Borosilicate spring sculptures (mushrooms, snails, branches, or leaves)